Dryvent Benefits

Fully seam-sealed technology

All Dryvent™ products are fully seam sealed for breathable, waterproof and windproof coverage.

Various weights, textures and characteristics provide maximum protection, performance and comfort.

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Dryvent™ fabrics are engineered in various weights, textures and performance characteristics to provide maximum protection, performance and comfort.


DryVent™2 layer construction is the most versatile and is usually lined with a secondary fabric (insulation or net) for extra comfort and increased warmth for everyday exploration.

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DryVent™fabrics using a 2.5 layer construction is designed for highly active, fast and light pursuits. The inner layer provides comfort and enables quick moisture transfer to the outside.

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DryVent™fabrics using a 3 layer construction is reserved for our most technical for high-performance styles. This fabric is exceptionally durable and breathable and used for longer durations in severe conditions.

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